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Industrial Footprint

The industrial footprint of Bracco Imaging Group is organized in sites for the production of the active ingredients and sites for manufacturing and packaging of the finished products, which are distinct by imaging modality.

The site of Ceriano Laghetto (MB, Italy) is specialized in the synthesis of "Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients" (Principles pharmaceutical ingredients) used to produce contrast agents for X-ray/CT and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).

Spin, the production division of the Bracco Group in Torviscosa (UD, Italy), is an industrial plant dedicated to the production of API for X-ray contrast media.

Located in Singen, Germany, BIPSO ("Bracco Imaging Pharmaceutical Sterile Operations") is the main production facility of the Group specialized in the production of sterile pharmaceutical products.

Bracco Suisse SA in Geneva (Switzerland) has a production facility and research laboratories dedicated to contrast agents for Ultrasound.

The site of Montreal (Canada) is specialized in the production of contrast media for Oral Imaging.

Colleretto Giacosa (TO, Italy) is the sterile manufacturing plant specialized in the production of contrast agents for MRI in pre-filled syringes, and has a relevant  area dedicated to chemical support laboratories and research laboratories (CRB - Bracco Research Centre).

The Bracco Sine industrial plant, located in the area of Pudong, Shanghai (China), is the sterile production facility dedicated for the Chinese market, especially for the production of non-ionic contrast media X-ray.

The Bracco Eisai industrial plant, located in Saitama, Japan, is the production facility dedicated for the Japanese market, especially for the packaging of non-ionic contrast media X-ray and MRI.

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